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Welcome to KindleCo

Specialist to Social Purpose Organisations & the Public Sector

working in the interests of Children, Young People & Families

 Consultancy - projects, partnerships & organisations

Coaching multi-agency - project inception, design & delivery

Programme Leadership - strategic initiatives

 Surgeries - public sector & social purpose professionals


DirectorJo Broad has been working in the interests of Children, Young People & Families for more than 25 years. 

Collaborative endeavour is my rocket fuel and I want it to be yours too​​​​​​ on for more about KindleCo's values


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  • 'Supporting the supporters' of vulnerable children: a view through the kaleidoscope

    Back in the now dim & distant past of 2015, new statutory guidance emphasising the importance of Mental Health provision in supporting Looked After Children, was published by Government.

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  • Children & Social Work Act - it's July 2018, so where are we now?


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